Jumaat, 16 Mei 2008

teacher's day

Damn. It's teachers' day already and I just can't scribble even a sentence, or a word for my teachers' appreciation poem. Maybe I never had the knack to make poems, to express my gratitude for having such great teachers with such remarkable spirit, as big as a mountain.

I mean, they never quit teaching us. Even though I frequently slept throughout the class and once, secretly played a good game of chess with a friend while the ustazah, is right in front of our face (and the kind-hearted ustazah never noticed us having a neck to neck battle of chess, except when the tense of the game conquered us and we, for somehow forgot to conceal our petty crime.)

And if I was in the ustazah's shoes, I would probably, kindly gave a nice smack to the ungrateful students' heads.

But, what if, the sole reason for my incapability of writing a poem is not because the talent factor? Everybody can write a poem. Even it is the cliche poem, it is a poem, made from the utter feeling of fondness from the bottom of the heart: to tell how much teachers is appreciated.

Then, i'm most probably never had the feeling of gratitude for the teachers who had taught me. This reasoning, I felt very fit to me.

Now, how could that be, I never know.

Nevertheless, that's didn't mean I don't appreciate my teachers. It is just the feeling of gratitude that i'm lack of. Maybe there's some faulty circuitry in my head or simply I never born with "gratitude to my teachers" gene.

Above all, I, full-heartedly, wish all the good men and women: the teachers, cikgu, guru, ustadz and ustazah, a happy teachers' appreciation day. Thank you for showing me the meaning of ignorance.

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van der shraaf berkata...


there are more than one way to show our appreciation...
not necessarily by only writing poem...
poem is a good way but how about pray for them?
probably this is the best approach, since we ourselves can't give any presents to them due to "distance" and "time"...

I really like the phrase in the end of your writing : "thank you for showing us the power of ignorance"..
In fact, ignorance has its own power, despite its negative perspective...
Soon, i will write about this..(depends on the condition of my brain, whether '1' or '0')

kepalakotak berkata...

the plan is: make a poem and send it via mail to sambes, since i never ever wanted to set foot on the soil of sambes again.

and the poem thing, it's just a way to tell the "faulty circuitry". not really i never pray for them.

or do i? : )