Rabu, 2 Januari 2013

my mara essay

Sebagai penutup tahun 2012. Setelah "kiamat" tak jadi pada 21 Disember lalu. Atau penamat dunia baru sahaja bermula kita tak tahu. Ini esei yang dikepilkan bersama resume untuk temuramah mara pada tahun 2008.
My name is al fulan bin fulan. Born on date/month/year, I am the fourth child out of eight siblings.

I have a great passion in reading. From my addicted-to-book habit, I found myself very fond in creative writing and literature especially in Malay. I even wish I could speak and write in every single language in the world so that I will be able to appreciate and enjoy the entire world-renown writing masterpiece in their respective mother language. And for some reason, I cannot put aside my thoughts about becoming a Sasterawan Negara one day. I also love gardening.

I am still young, with limited insights and view of the future of I am about to go through. When I was 10, I was so sure about my dream career. Nevertheless, as time goes on, and years pass by, I myself ridicule the idea I once had when I was in elementary school. Therefore, at present, I just cannot be too careful with my future planning and so, not to plan too much nor void of any sensible plan, I decided it is better to apply in the medical course.

I had never pictured myself becoming a general practitioner or a surgeon. However, one thing for sure, those medical school graduates will be helping people in their future career. “Now,” I tell myself, “contribute to the society is a great job to do”. My mother is a doctor; my half-brother is also a doctor, specialized in surgery and my sister is a medical student. They had saved and about to save lives. They are my inspiration to choose the medical line. 

Furthermore, I am greatly interested to specialize in psychology and pharmacology. Human mind is still an unknown mystery, cures for diseases are yet to be found and these, intrigue me a lot.

What I am looking up for in the future is to make noble deeds. Life could not be more meaningful other than to make a living by helping the people around us.

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