Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

forms and more forms

It has been a great fuss to fill forms. How I wish there were less forms in this world, then it would be a better place. What's more, most of the forms are "permohonan" form. It does make me feel useless and desperately need the mercy from whoever supposed to grant the mercy.

And then, those photocopies thing really irritating. Everything must be photocopied.

Well, that is life. Full of forms. From the very first moment of our birth, till the end of our life. We were born: we got our first certificate, the birth certificate. When we'll die, we'll get the last certificate we'll ever had. Who can we blame? There's too many of us nowadays and it will be a major confusion without forms.

Hmm...better get used to it, that's what people told me so....

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anisa_hudi berkata...

yes, better get used to it,,
more forms are to come, brother!
hey, what are we to do? life's pace getting faster each day we live,,,

kalo zmn dulu boleh jln kaki lenggang kangkung dari kampung ke bandar, zmn skrg nak buat bende yg same?

mercy? - we're trying to get all the help we have when we're trying to set our foot for the first time into the battle of the ever-learning adult world
tak mo isi borg, tade masalah,, try cari base lain to set your foot on,,asalkan ade starting point

when trying to change the world, try starting from a definite point,
dok termenung pk masalah negara tanpa menggerakkan punggung yg berat, tidak akan membawa ke mana2 pon,, ye tak? :D

oh, btw, chedet keluar umno, ape pandangan penyokong keadilan? :P

kepalakotak berkata...

undi anda adalah rahsia...
sape lak penyokong pkr nih

hmm...jalan kaki lenggang kangkung bes ape, baik utk kesihatan.

orait, sambung isi borg.